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Installing a second Battery
If you build a larger music system (from 2 amplifiers) or other auxiliary electrical loads (eg cooler ...) into a car, you surely will soon notice how the on-board voltage drops. For each bass, the lighting is intermittently darker. depending on smaller the factory fitted battery (Firstbattery), the effect occurs more strongly. If the consumer at run the engine, it must be ensured that the battery is not discharged too much else is Push or jump start the day.

Remedied by the installation of a second car battery (Secondary battery). This relay is a circuit connected to the first coupled. The relay connects the two batteries only, when the alternator an appropriate charging voltage for the two Batteries produced or when the engine is running. For this circuit there are two reasons:

1. Two batteries in parallel be discharged at the engine is mutually.
2. The second battery can be used for emergency until the complete discharge be used. The Erstbatterie remains fully operational..
3. The second battery is a good buffer against Voltage fluctuations in the electrical system constitutes (important for large Hifi amplifiers!)).

  • 1x Battery example 12V/45Ah
  • 1x 70A-Swiching relay (Automotive relay for fog lights example).
  • Relais
  • Battery cable 16mm² (for connection of the two batteries, length dependent on the installation of the secondary battery)
  • short piece Groundin cable 16mm²
  • 1,5m Cable 1mm² (as relay control line)
  • short piece Grounding cable 1mm² as negative for the Relay control
  • 2x big plug-in terminals (Diameter of the battery Cable)
  • Kabelschuh
  • 2x small plug-in terminals (Diameter of the Relay control)
  • 2x big Ring cable lugs (Diameter of the battery Cable)
  • 2x small Ring cable lugs (Diameter of the Relay control)
  • Batterieklemmen
  • 2x battery Terminals
  • Fixing material for secondary Battery




First, should a suitable space for the second battery found are. It must be important to ensure that a Vent the gases produced during charging is available. If it is missing, oxyhydrogen can arise! Beware of Explosion!!!
In the engine compartment according to experience for the second battery only with the smaller mini-engine enough space. therefore offers the trunk is an ideal mounting location. The battery must be very be well attached, as they for otherwise in an emergency stop projectile is.

The relay is in the engine compartment as close to the Erstbatterie mounted. The control cable is connected to the alternator attached directly to the terminal of the charging lamp (Kl.61, small Connection with thin wire to the alternator). The other end the control cable is plugged into the relay (Kl.86). the Connects to port 85 on the short 1mm ² cable to the body.

The battery cable to the positive terminal of the Erstbatterie and with the relay terminal 30. Now the relay terminal 87 with the Positive terminal of the second battery connected. The negative terminal of the Carry extra battery on the ground cable to the body.

Installation of a Tachometer cockpit
These instructions apply to the cockpit modification in the arrangement of left: Tachometer, speedometer, fuel, temperature display

The following tools are required to:
1: side Cutter
2: Screwdriver
3: Soldering iron and solder
4: Shrink tubing or tape

alte Stecker
old plug
neue Stecker
new plug

First you should know that the plug without a cockpit's RPM's are different than the cockpit with tachometer. While the first version have 2 black male, so has the second design has a blue and a white connector. also Connections are different. So you should follow proceed. At the first start, disconnect the battery to short circuit to avoid the work. After you built out the old cockpit did you put first a line from the ignition coil (green Cable) through the speedometer cable seal in the area of Amaturenbrettes. Let the cable quiet little longer.

green Cable on Ignition Coil

After you do the first two black plugs and fetches the Cable from the connector, but with the terminals down. here are carefully, as they bend very quickly. With a flat small screwdriver, this is easy. Now you remove the Cable with clips from the new plugs. After you close the Cable according to the below table. Additionally, I have the Function thereby facilitating geschrieben.Zur you should the Sheath of the speedometer wire harness handle something better around the cable be able to connect.

Blue Plug:
1= grey/yellow lighting
2= green Rev counter
3= brown bridged with PIN 12 ground Rev. Counter , Tank temperature
4= black/yellow ground Oil, Battery
5= not used
6= blue loading Control
7= not used
8= not used
9= black/green Indicator right
10= not used
11= black/white Indicator left
12= brown bridged with PIN 3 ground

white plug
1-brown/white- Temperature display
3-blue/white-Full Beam
5-brown/yellow Handbrake
6-brown/black - ABS
7-brown/green and brown yellow
8-black/yellow - Positive lead for Oil,Bat etc.
10-brown - ground
11-brown/black - Fuel gauge signal

All cable colors occur only once, except for 2 cables, namely the brown / black wire, please omit the first 2 cables.
Pay attention please note that once you have done this re-plugged: You see now that you have 3 wires left and the blue connector 2 have not yet connected. On the blue connector 2 cable ( Pin 3 +12) and closes it when you take pin 10 on the white Plug with addition that is above the ground open for consultation Functions. Now you still have 3 wires left. That would be even the red wire that you do not need, for that is the continuous positive the former Clock, once the signal cable from the ABS (brown / black) and once the signal of the fuel gauge (brown / black). Now you must Try looking through the 2 cable which is the right one for the Fuel gauge on the pin 11 from the white plug. For vehicles with ABS testing her at pin 6 and pin 11 of the white Stecker.Testet then each function again before her the speedometer again einbaut.Durch the new tuck the cable clamps could be a Creep loose connection, please check this.

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